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Collective South West

2 hectares of goji

4.5 hectares of biological farm with 9000 Goji plants in the heart of the Costa Vicentina where agriculture and graphic arts come across. 

Costa Vicentina Characteristics

The climate is Mediterranean, but with a strong maritime influence. Temperatures remain mild throughout the year except in periods of rising winds, when they can rise or fall precipitously.

The wind regime is an important factor in the region’s climate. The dominant winds are those in the north quadrant. Southwest winds sometimes occur, especially in winter, while rising winds occur with low incidence throughout the year. On summer afternoons, intense sea breezes are loaded with moisture.

Temperatures rise from north to south; annual averages are 16/17 ° C in Monte Velho and Sines and 17/18 ° C in Vila do Bispo and Sagres, in summer (June to September) monthly averages are around 20-23 ° and in winter (December to February) the 11 / 13th with annual peaks that can vary between the 4th (inland in January) and the 40th in July.

Fogs are not very frequent, occurring only on certain days of the year, but the humidity in the air tends to remain high, even in warmer periods.

The average annual sunshine is very high, among the highest in the country and in Europe.